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Meet Laura from Bella's Flowers she is our featured maker for April 2020!
Laura from Bella's Flowers


My name is Laura and I started this journey making only paper flowers I struggled a lot in keeping them together until I invested in a good Surebonder glue gun. I wasted so much money on basic glue that wasn’t working for my craft. As I began using Surebonder it was easier for me to finish my work. I began crafting as a hobby and little by little got known. Crafting has helped me grow as a person, invest in my mental health and learn that I can create beautiful pieces that will last longer than fresh flowers. I am 24 years old and I’ve been crafting since my teenage years. I believe that crafting at home has helped me grow out of being depressed and has been an all around stress relief. I am so thankful that becoming a stay at home crafter along with being a stay at home mom come hand in hand and has truly been life changing. Making flowers is more stress relieving than washing the dishes...

1. In one sentence describe what it is you create/craft:

I create lifelong memories on a canvas, from religious canvases to party decor. When my products are in pictures for someone's special day that is when I feel most proud of my work.

2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

Surebonder detailed hot glue gun. I work with mostly small 3D rolled paper flowers. And it’s the perfect amount of glue per push. With this glue gun I never have to worry about dripping or leaving spider webs of glue on my finished work.  I also add rhinestones & pearls to the insides of my small paper flowers which adds that glamorous look to them. 

3. What craft have you always wanted to try:

I’ve always wanted to try making an extravagant wreath for a house entrance. They look easy but the detail that goes into them is truly amazing. We think maybe just throw in some flowers and it will look good. But to make an extravagant wreath it truly takes time. 

4. What inspires you:

My inspiration comes from within, and that is true to what I create.  I believe that it is easy to find inspiration from others but once you find your true passions and realize what your hands can create and your heart desires you are never limited to your talents.


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