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Meet Penny from Penny Jean Studio she is our featured maker for September 2020!
Penny from Penny Jean Studio


Hello! My name is Penny and I am a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to the most amazing little human being. My love for crafting started when I was very young. I come from a family who has a long history of being creative, from woodwork to sewing and everything in between.  Growing up, being creative has always been my outlet and has helped me become the crafter I am today. You can find me making special and unique items mainly out of paper and wood!  I am truly happiest knowing that the things I create bring people so much joy.


1. In one sentence describe what it is you create/craft:

I create a variety of home decor and personalized gifts, such as paper flowers, signs, shadow boxes and laser engraved products.


2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

My favorite Surebonder product is the mini detail glue gun as I do a lot of projects with small details, more specifically tiny flowers.


3. What craft have you always wanted to try: 

I've always been fascinated with resin.  It's my goal to make a table out of live edge wood and resin!


4. What inspires you:

I'm constantly inspired by my surroundings such a nature and architecture, but more importantly, my inspiration comes from my family.  They definitely inspire and push me every day to create a life we love and are proud of.


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