711R510 Full Size 10" Fast Set Packaging Adhesive Hot Melt Glue Stick - 5 lb Box


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This Hot Melt Adhesive 10 in. Full Size (7/16" in dia.) Glue Stick has an excellent hot tack for a fast and strong bond. The open time is short and the glue has a great delivery rate. It will bond to most porous materials including wood and is great for packaging. 5 lbs. approx 94 sticks.

Product Features:

• Good adhesion to plain corrugated and some coated corrugated packaging
• 7/16 in. (.43 in.) diameter 10 in. length
Viscosity and centipoises: 3,800 at 375° F, (191° C)
• 5 lbs. approximately 94 sticks

SKU: 711R510