Cosplay Creators Kit, H-327F Full-Size Detail Tip Glue Gun with 60 Full-Size Cosplay Glue Sticks


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Our new Cosplay Stik™ now has a perfect partner, the H-327F Specialty Full-Size Detail Tip hot glue gun. Together this pair of new products are perfect for cosplay and prop-making creators, the Cosplay Stik™ is specifically formulated to create an industrial strength bond with EVA foam, thermoplastics, fabric, leather, and with the H-327F's detail tip you are guaranteed the most accurate placement of that glue. The possibilities are endless to what you can make, this bundle saves you 11% and qualifies for free shipping!

Product Features:

• APPLICATIONS - The Cosplay Stik™ is specially formulated for Cosplay and Prop making materials such as EVA foam, thermoplastics, fabric, leather, and much more.

• DURABLE - The Cosplay Stik™is also designed with a higher softening point (185°F) than traditional glue sticks (170°F), so it can stand up to the heat and wear of long days.

• FULL-SIZE & DETAIL TIP - This new Surebonder glue gun uses full-size standard size 7/16-inch glue sticks and is now able to be more precise than ever with a detail tip. Orifice size of 0.063 (1/16) inches.

• SAFETY FUSE & OTHER SAFETY FEATURES - Surebonder has pioneered integrating safety fuses for user protection against electrical overloads. Side fins are included to allow the glue gun to be laid down on its side without having to worry about glue backing out of the heating chamber. An on/off switch and a red LED light are indicators to let you know whether the glue gun is on or off. A retractable kickstand is placed under the nozzle for added stability when the glue gun is not in use. Finally, a green insulator is placed on the nozzle of the glue gun to protect the user from burning their fingertips during use.

• BUNDLE INCLUDES - (1) H-327F Full-Size Detail Tip Glue Gun and (3) Packages of the Cosplay Stik™ hot glue formula - 1 of each color