H-127F Specialty Series High-Temperatrue 60 Watt Mini-Size Hot Glue Gun


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Crafters, DIY-ers, and handy homeowners meet Surebonder's most powerful mini-size glue gun to date - the 60-watt high-temperature H-127F! This heavy-duty hot glue gun is perfect for any quick fix or project. With a 3-5 minute heat-up time, 380°F operating temperature, and continuous glue flow, this bad boy is sure to get the job done right. Whether you're repairing something around the house or working on a craft project, this mini glue gun has got you covered. Buy one today and see what you can create!

Product Features:

• 6X THE MELTING POWER & FAST HEAT UP - This mini glue gun boasts a superior 60-watt internal heater that generates 6x the melting power of the average mini glue gun. With great power comes great heating times. Once turned on, the glue gun is ready for high glue outputs within 3-5 minutes. A true industry powerhouse!

• HIGH TEMPERATURE - Ensure the best hot-gluing experience with high temperatures reaching up to 380°F.­­­ High temperatures allow for the glue to effectively bond to materials including plastic, florals, leather, wood, glass, metal, and more.

• SAFETY FUSE & OTHER SAFETY FEATURES - Surebonder has pioneered integrating safety fuses for user protection against electrical overloads. Side fins are included to allow the glue gun to be laid down on its side without having to worry about glue backing out of the heating chamber. An on/off switch and a red LED light are indicators to let you know whether the glue gun is on or off. A retractable kickstand is placed under the nozzle for added stability when the glue gun is not in use. Finally, a green insulator is placed on the nozzle of the glue gun to protect the user from burning their fingertips during use.

• APPLICATIONS - This glue gun is perfect for DIY home repairs, decorations, jewelry, scrapbooking, crafting, package sealing, and many more. The possibilities are endless with this new and powerful addition to Surebonder's already impressive mini glue gun line.

SKU: H-127F