HE-750W Professional Series 80 Watt Full Size High Temperature Hot Glue Gun


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Surebonder HE-750W Professional High-Temperature Glue Gun with 80 watts of heating power and an ergonomic long trigger design that requires less effort. Glue melts twice as fast as other full-size glue guns. Creates a stronger bond on materials such as wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper, and fabric. Complete with a removable wire stand for your convenience. This gun uses standard (1/2", 7/16", .43") diameter glue sticks. Specialty nozzles are also available separately-Surebonder Nozzle Set #6003. Not included with this gun.

Product Features:

• HIGH TEMPERATURE - This glue gun can reach 380°F thanks to its powerful 80-watt internal PTC heater.

• ERGONOMIC LONG TRIGGER - The trigger design has four fingers slots to ensure maximum comfort when dispensing glue for long periods of time. Feel the satisfaction and ease of use every time you pull the trigger.

• REMOVEABLE WIRE STAND - A wire stand is included to allow the glue gun to sit upright while not being used. Because this glue gun should never be left on its side, the wire stand is a valuable feature to protect the glue gun from damage due to glue backflow.

• FULL-SIZE GLUE GUN - The glue gun uses full-size (0.43-inch) glue sticks. Surebonder glue sticks are recommended as they provide a superior bond and offer a wide range of formulas for numerous applications.

• APPLICATIONS - This glue gun is great for sealing boxes, woodworking, packaging, large craft projects, and more.

SKU: HE-750W