Heavy Duty Cable Tacker Staple Gun


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The Surebonder Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Cable Tacker Staple Gun is a must for those do-it-yourself cable tacking projects and repairs. This tool features easy drop-in staple loading, ergonomic non-slip grip, and an adjustable drive with a chrome finish. Use #7 Surebonder and other select round Crown Staples, up to a 1/4-inch, for cables, T.V. wires, phone wires, and more. This gun is also capable of using Surebonder #10 and other select flat crown Staples for upholstery, fabric, canvas, insulation, or weather stripping. Fits Surebonder #7 and #10 staples. Compatible staples part numbers: 55238, 55216, 55716, 55212, 99516, 99038, 99012.

Product Features:

• Heavy Duty Staple Gun
•Uses Surebonder #7 and #10 staples
• Cushioned Non-Slip Grip
•All Steel Construction

SKU: 5725