10 Ways To Use Colored Hot Glue Sticks

A glue stick is a great adhesive, but it can add texture and interest to any craft or DIY project with a little creativity. We love using these vivid colors to take our ideas to the next level. We put together a list of 10 ways you can use colored glue sticks in your projects.

1. Write

Writing with hot glue is made easy with our H-195F Detail Hot Glue Gun. It may take a few runs but the result can be stunning. We used our gold glue sticks for this Mother’s Day accent on handmade wrapping paper. Mom loved it!


2. Home Decor 

When looking for things to do with a hot glue gun, be sure to think outside the box. However, with this project we used the idea inside the box. A clear glass block can be turned into a fun home decor with a color glue stick theme and a few accents. Since we didn’t even use a glue gun, this makes a perfect fun craft for kids.


3. Create 3D Projects

Forget that old shadow box idea for a 3D look on your wall. Take some colored hot glue and make your own unique 3D wall art. A little paint and hand crafted hot glue shapes are all you need.


4. Accent Crafts 

A little colored hot glue can go a long away with a craft. We made our welcome sign on this garden stake with an extra craft stick and green hot glue making this an easy DIY craft.


5. Party Favors

Throw the most talked about party of the year with hot glue party favors. We made fancy glasses for St. Patrick’s Day completely out of hot glue. They are comfortable and fit perfectly. Your guests will be impressed with your party craft.


6. Jewelry

If you didn’t know it, craft glue is a great way to make last minute jewelry. You can mix and melt different colors together and adhering them to metal pieces is a breeze. We created a pretty heart necklace with some blue colored glue sticks and our gold glitter stiks.


7. Cover Mistakes 

When you create and craft, you know that mistakes can happen, but that is, when the true talents of crafters come out. One of the best things about crafting is that you can cover mistakes or issues with the project easily by changing up a few things. For this medal running display board, we cleaned up the square bend hooks with a little silver hot glue and covered the imperfections with ease.


8. Texture and Color to Paper Crafts

Hot glue is a great addition to any paper craft. It can help give you desired accent colors and texture making your finished project even more impressive. We used red and black mini hot glue sticks to help make this Father’s Day card pop.


9. Silicone Molds

If you have used a silicone mold for baking before you know how easy they can be to create a beautiful finished product. We have found that these molds are perfect for creating hot glue crafts such as magnets or card/photo holders.


10. Replaces Paint

Crafting is all about creating something handmade and unique. One way to achieve this is to use colored glue sticks in replace of paint. With a Full size Surebonder glue gun and a hand held heater, we created this fun watermelon wall decor from wood and hot glue.


Do you have any hot glue projects that you have done? Be Sure to tell us about them and share a photo on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag us! 


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