3 Crafts To Do With Leftover Christmas Items

After Christmas everyone usually has some items that they throw out after the holiday season has ended. One of the great things about crafting is that it allows you to be creative and re-purpose items that you no longer need. This is the perfect time to craft up some fun during the winter months with these craft inspiration ideas.

Teddy bear

During the Christmas Season ornaments can take some abuse from kids, pets and just every year wear and tear. They can get discolored, cracked or broken easily, but don’t toss them out yet. Create a cute and cuddly teddy bear instead! These cute teddy bears will be a hit with the whole family. You can create any color combination, however be mindful of children and pets if the ornaments are glass. We suggest using plastic ornaments, but if you happen to have glass on hand, be sure to keep them out of reach.

Teddy Bear

Valentine’s Hearts

Candy canes are a Christmas tree staple, but what do you do with them when the holidays are over? Hold on to those peppermint canes and why not re-purpose them for the next holiday coming up. With a little help from a glue gun, they make quick and easy candy cane hearts for Valentine’s Day. The white and red hearts are already decorated with the perfect color scheme which makes re-purposing them easy. Give them away with a valentine or string them together for a festive heart garland with some pretty red ribbon. We heart this idea!

 Candy Cane Heart


Winter Pine Cones

Pine Cones are a popular item to decorate the tree with to give it a rustic feel for the holiday but many people do not keep them around after St. Nick has visited. With a little glue and paint you can make a small snow covered cone centerpiece to use for the rest of the winter. Just brush a little white paint on the pine cones and arrange with candles. If you want to bling up your centerpiece a bit add a little hot glue on the paint and dip in glitter for a fresh snow look.

Winter Pine Cones

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